He's one of the most legendary players in the 122 year history of the Boston Red Sox.  If we're being honest, Big Papi's one of the most legendary athletes in the history of Boston sports.  With ice running through his veins, Papi rose to the occasion on the biggest of stages, bringing some of the most magical baseball moments of our lives.  He's earned a spot in Boston's Mount Rushmore of sports heroes.

Even though Ortiz was one of Boston's greatest hitters (his name even compared to people like Ted Williams and Yaz), he was a cultural addition to the city.  He has been so much more to New England that just baseball.  Papi put forever cemented himself into Boston folklore with his anger after the Boston Marathon bombing, proclaiming that this was OUR city.

That's why it was incredible to find out that this baseball legend was wandering around Dartmouth yesterday.  Ortiz made his way to Hawthorn Medical to say hi to its employees.

The Hall of Famer visited the Faunce Corner Road healthcare facility on Tuesday to thank them for their affiliation with Eternal Health (a Medicare Advantage Play that is new to Bristol County next year.).

"We are all healthcare champions," Ortiz told the room full of healthcare workers.  Dr. Jordan Gularek, Hawthorn's Medical Director, called into Michael and Maddie this morning to give us the details.  Dr. Gularek said #34 spent hours posing for pictures and signing autographs for over 600 Hawthorn employees including doctors, nurses, CNA's and secretaries. Gularek says Ortiz could not have been more gracious.

The Red Sox are official partners of Eternal Health.  Big Papi is a spokesperson for the new Massachusetts health initiative scheduled to be made available to the public next year.

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