I'm going to take a wild guess and say no one has ever won Mega Millions from the Southcoast, and odds are, it'll probably stay that way for a while. But I'm certainly no fortune teller, and I hope some lucky person proves me wrong and also proceeds to throw half of their earnings in my face.

Regardless of the fact there's been no winner, the bottom line is there could be. To be exact, with the new rules, your odds are 1 in 302,575,350 (via CNBC) to win the $1.6 billion jackpot.

So how would you spend it here on the SouthCoast?

My mom's answer was simple, and so was everyone's response. She said she would donate the majority of it, seeing money breeds greed and changes people, to which everyone replied with their bank routing numbers.

Needless to say, sorry mom, I call her bluff, but it made me wonder how would a winner from the SouthCoast spend it?

Would you head to Pa Raffa's and buy 20 pizzas, because why not? Would you walk up to your favorite SouthCoast boat and say here's X amount of dollars for it, because you can?

Or would you do what I suspect an overwhelming majority would do, pay someone to pack your bags, sell your house (or give it away at this point), and head somewhere warmer?

Personally, I'm not the type to spend the $2 for a ticket as I see it as a waste of money, but I refuse to bash people who do. What the heck else am I going to do with $2 that could reward me with $1.6 billion?

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