When I woke up this morning to see a new song from Backstreet Boys in my email, I freaked out.

I have been wanting them to come out with a song that would re-introduce them to a new generation of fans. It's funny to think that there are people that don't know who these guys are.

Now, don't get it twisted. I'm not a die-hard BSB fan but I have always enjoyed their stuff and totally went to a Backstreet Boys show or two in my day.

Add the fact that they teamed up with one of my favorite EDM producers and I have a feeling Backstreet's BACK, alright!

Steve Aoki is THAT dude. He is known for having cakes at his show and then throwing them at the crowd. Sometimes the crowd throws them back and it's actually pretty amazing. Aoki, believe it or not, is actually from California and currently lives in Miami. He has worked with just about every major dance act out there.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you too much about the Backstreet Boys. They recently came through Boston over the summer, and from what I hear, the show was incredible. They still have the moves and their voices are still smooth.

So, if you missed hearing the song on the air, take a listen to "Let It Be Me" here:

Get your vote in on whether the new BSB is wicked good to totally whack. I'd be so excited if you guys loved it and we could add Backstreet Boys back onto the Fun 107 playlist.

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