First, it’s, “Will you marry me?” and shortly after, it’s, “Will you be my groomsman/bridesmaid?”, because the only thing better than getting married is being able to celebrate the special day with your closest friends.

The wedding is beautiful, but let's be blunt. The bachelor and bachelorette party is where the real fun happens.

But what if the party planner isn't transparent about party fees? That's not so fun.

It’s time to set some ground rules when it comes to celebrating a marriage.

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Here’s What Happened

My husband’s friend is getting married soon, and that means bachelor party plans have been underway. This particular friend lives out of state, so my husband knew that at least an airplane ticket was in the budget.

The groom’s brother was in charge of mapping out the plans. He shared every detail with the groomsmen, from the house they would rent to the activities they would enjoy.

Ross was on board with the original price tag, but unfortunately, that price tag seemed to increase significantly overnight.

I watched my husband go from excited to stressed out in a matter of minutes due to one text message.

“Here’s the final price, guys, see you all soon,” said the groom's brother.

The final price was almost double the agreed-upon price that the groomsmen discussed.

It turns out the brother did not factor in additional fees when it came to booking the house, and instead of running it by the guys, the brother booked the trip anyway.

So, Now What?

It’s an unfortunate circumstance. It’s no secret that bachelor and bachelorette parties come with a hefty price tag these days, but why aren’t there more conversations about budget?

Are groomsmen and bridesmaids supposed to just cough up any amount of money at the planner’s request? Or should the brother have been more accommodating about the unexpected fees?

It appears my husband may have some budget planning to do.

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