It was gut-check week to evaluate my progress after 30 days of this fitness thingy.

Welp, this week was the truth. Today, actually, was the truth: Day 30 since I started this whole wedding fitness journey. I started at 226.5 pounds on November 26. I jumped into some clean eating and P90X workouts. I've been doing it ever since.

One thing I'm definitely proud of is that I haven't missed a day of the scheduled workouts for the plan. I've done every single workout for "Phase 1" of P90X. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. The last time I worked out this consistently was, well, umm, actually I don't remember. So, I'm just happy I've gotten this far.

Ok, enough of the delay. So after 30 days I'm down a total of 12 pounds. From 226.5 to 214.5 this morning. That's not too shabby for 30 days. It's a little short of some of my goals, but hey, it's something. We've all got to start somewhere, right? I did take progress pictures, but I'll spare you the dad bod for now.

Now that I'm in "Phase 2," I'm remembering how hard this was the first time I did the program. I thought I was all back in a good, fit place and then I did the first workout of the next phase and died. I think I literally passed away and came back. It was pure hell. I guess, or at least I hope, this is where some big changes are coming. Stay tuned. And if you're just starting your fitness journey, get after it! It's almost New Year's Eve and we all know how the gym is about to look. Why not start today? Let's all get sexy for 2019!

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