If you are craving some inexpensive oysters and littlenecks and don't know where to find them, we've got the list you're looking for.

If you think a raw bar is a feature exclusive to waterfront dining establishments, think again. Across Southeastern Massachusetts, restaurants have dedicated entire chunks of time to shucking you the freshest oysters and littlenecks available.

Luckily for all of us, in 2018, Edible SouthShore & SouthCoast put together a map of places that you can find buck-a-shuck nights. We started with that list and added some of our own to make sure you have plenty of options when you're feeling like saying SHUCK IT to eating anything else.

There's no wrong way to eat an oyster but if you are not careful, there are definitely embarrassing ways to eat oysters—so make sure you don't try it for the first time on a date or anything.

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