Pumpkin coffee returns to Dunkin' super early and I'm not even mad about it.

Here's the thing: this whole "seasonal only" beverage thing doesn't make any sense. I still drink hot coffee in 90-degree weather; it wakes me up quicker than ice coffee does. It's called preference.

That being said, I say, "Good for Dunkin'!"

If they want to release their delicious pumpkin coffee earlier than anyone else, then count me in. Guaranteed, I'll be the first in line. Why? Because I can be a basic bro, too, and enjoy pumpkin whenever it's available.

Curious to see who else was excited for the big return of pumpkin, I ventured over to the new Next Gen Dunkin' on Plaza Way in Fairhaven to ask the fellow customers in the drive-thru if they were ready for the fall flavor to be released at the tail-end of summer. There were mixed reviews, but for the most part, the excitement I had was shared mutually:

It turns out that for the most part, a majority of people were happy for the arrival of pumpkin, while others still weren't feeling the pumpkin vibe.

Wednesday's the day, folks. The company will roll out its pumpkin menu at restaurants in eight cities, including a Boston location at 510 Southampton Street. Get this, they'll even be changing their signage from Dunkin' to Pumpkin' and serving free pumpkin-flavored coffees and pumpkin-scented (Munchkins) lip balm.

Dunkin's fall menu will expand to the remainder of its locations on Aug. 21. While fall doesn't officially begin until September 23, who's complaining? Not me, that's for sure.

If you're just itching for some good ole' pumpkin flavors in your life, this Wednesday, August 14 is your chance to enjoy the fall delight ahead of its season.

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