Birthdays are meant to be celebrated if you ask me. But my nephew suddenly doesn't feel the same.

This weekend my sister informed me that my soon-to-be teenage nephew no longer wants to get together to celebrate his birthday.

The claim is that he is too old for such things and would like to just pass on a party this year. I say crazy talk.

First of all, birthdays are meant to be celebrated. That's kind of their thing.

I mean as a kid you get excited to have a party and get gifts, as a teenager and college student that birthday cash is awesome, once you're over 21 birthdays are an excuse to go out and get free drinks and as a parent I look forward to a night out without kids every year.

Not to mention milestone birthdays like 40, 50, etc where you can throw yourself a party and reconnect with family and friends you maybe haven't seen in a while.

All good things, every single year.

What's to skip?

I think this is more likely a "skip the family party" birthday cop out. I can completely understand a teenager deciding they are too old for a family birthday party and moving on to just hanging with friends for the birthday.

I guess my nephew is just too cool for me now. Though I bet he'll still cash my birthday checks.

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