First impressions and appearances are important, but what about when it comes to school?

For some kids here on the SouthCoast, today was their first day. Heading back to school after a long summer vacation can only mean two things: new clothes and fresh haircuts. However, just how far are these "haircuts" going?

While picking up my girlfriend from the Ruby Room in South Dartmouth, I was shocked at how many teenagers, both boys and girls, were getting pampered. It was at that moment that I realized that they were getting "done up" for their return to school!

I swear, you would have thought that prom season was here by the outpouring of kids getting their hair washed, blow-dried and curled. Some were getting hair extensions while others were getting their hair colored.

Trust me, when it comes to keeping up with the trendiness of hair styles, I'm completely on board--but then again, there is a line.

I can understand getting a fancy hair-do for a wedding, prom, dance or cocktail party, but when did we start categorizing the first day of school as a formal attire? Back when I was a kid, my parents paid $12 for a clean-up haircut, and that was good enough and very presentable for school, first day or not.

These days, parents are paying upward to $100 for their kids to get their hair done. I'm sorry, but that is INSANE! I mean, how long does the hair even stay in place or styled up before it gets ruined? Kind of a waste of moolah if you ask me, but I'm also not rolling in the dough.

All I'm trying to say is, kids should be focusing on their school work and their education, not their appearance.


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