You know what they say- "When life gives you lemons... You grab the Absolut and make a $2 cocktail!".

It's a new month which means a new specialty drink at Applebee's Grill & Bar. This time, Applebee's has partnered up with Absolut Vodka to mix up a refreshing yet simple lemonade combination.

So, what's the good news you may ask? Great question... how about the fact that this Spring-teasing concoction is only 2 bucks! Now that's a price I can get behind, most likely multiple times.


You only have a little more than 20 days until this promotion ends and April will bring on something new for a ridiculously affordable price that will make your wallet happy and your friends celebrate!

Touche' Applebee's, Touche.

Like always, please be responsible... 21+ Only. Play it smart, be prepared, bring a designated driver at all times!


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