There's been plenty of stories reported lately of restaurants deciding to ban children...

Add one more restaurant to that upscale pizzeria in NYC has "partially" banned children from the restaurant, saying they are "unruly, they climb the curtains, spilling soda everywhere, and are unable to sit still in their seats for 10 minutes."

The restaurant is Bad Horse Pizza, which sells specialty pizzas with toppings like salmon and goat cheese.  The owner, John Kandel, recently cancelled a reservation for 12 people, when he found out 9 of those people were little kids.  Of course the customer who made the reservation was understandably angry.  The owner explained his decision by saying "9 children is far too many"...when asked what an acceptable amount of kids to have in the restaurant was, he didn't have an answer.

Reportedly, the owner is afraid of losing business from couples or regular customers looking for a nice, quiet, dining experience in his upscale pizzeria.  Thinking that they are the ones who will likely buy opposed to families, who may not.

When people from the establishment's area were asked how they felt about the child ban, some were on board with it, even some parents were understanding of why the owner put the ban in place, while others were upset.

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