We have to admit, most of the places we go shopping at are strictly about the transaction. You go in, you find or order what you want, get it, and you're gone. More and more, brick-and-mortar shops are closing because they haven't been about the experience.

Now I know, we as consumers are part of the problem. We just want to go in, get what we need and get out as quickly as possible. We have busy lives.

Imagine, though, that every time you went into a physical store, you left your mark in an easy way.

This past weekend I walked into a coffee shop in Houston, Texas and saw this massive billboard with hundreds of sticky notes on it. At first, I thought it was an over-cluttered ad board, but as I got closer I started reading these notes and every single one of them were compliments people wrote down and stuck up there. The coffee shop actually supplied the sticky notes and the marker. I couldn't help but smile at how something so simple and quick and easy made my day so much brighter. Here is the board:

Jackson/ Townsquare Media
Jackson/ Townsquare Media

I couldn't help but think if only more and more of the places we shop at, whether it's a retail spot, a grocery store, or a coffee shop, did this type of interactive experience, how much we would be spreading the love. I'd want to go in just to see what new post-its were put up and what they said.

I haven't seen anywhere around the SouthCoast that does this. Maybe you have; if so, tell me about it. I want to go in and add my own compliment to their wall. By the way, I did add a note to this wall. Can you find and guess which one I put up?

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