Looking for something cute to dress your little one as this Halloween (or just want to see cute babies in costume)? Here's some suggestions.

This will be my first Halloween with a child to dress up. And though she is not old enough to go trick or treating, she is old enough to wear a costume so I can take obscene amounts of pictures.

But what will she wear? Here are some adorable options I've found.

  • target.com


    With the way my daughter loves to wrap her legs around my arms during nearly every diaper change, the monkey costume seems very fitting. And that giant belly button is crazy cute!

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    This seems like the classic baby costume and there are lots of different options from nearly every baby clothes retailer. And what baby wouldn't  look cute all pudged out in orange?

  • partycity.com

    Baby Max

    I loved the book Where the Wild Things Are and this Max costume is super cute. It also looks nice and warm in case we do go anywhere with her for festivities.

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    Maybe it's the cuteness of the baby in the photo for this one, but the puppy costume looks like a winner to me. The ears, the tongue sticking out...what's not to love?

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    I have never seen a baby costume like this one. Something totally different if you ask me, the airplane costume is not only super cute it's also perfect for babies to fall asleep in.