Cute Halloween
Looking for something cute to dress your little one as this Halloween (or just want to see cute babies in costume)? Here's some suggestions.
Baby Girl Loves Luke Bryan [VIDEO]
Is there any girl on Earth immune to Luke's charm? The man can dance better than most women I know. His soulful voice warms you with every tune. And can we just talk about those pearly whites for a sec?
Well, turns out that "Luke Love" is being diagnosed as early as TWO years o…
It's Sunday night, the weekend is almost here's something to take your mind off that for at least a few minutes!
Too Cute
This video of a cute baby walking on ice for the first time originated in Russia, but has gone viral world wide.
Now, before you are tempted to make a comment, the child was not injured at all, its just described as cute.
Check it out below...
Being Fancy
When it comes to the world of pets, cats are definitely the snobs. Dogs are great, but they certainly can't make a bow tie or top hat look as fancy as a cat can. Plus who doesn't like seeing an adorable furry animal dressed up like a human getting ready for a night on the town. Fancy feast…
Ready For Fall
Put on your finest cardigan and start chugging pumpkin spice-flavored things like it's a seasonal drink that won't be around all year -- autumn is coming, and these dogs are excited about it.

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