Around this time of year, giving back to the community is a priority for many people by helping the less fortunate families in the area. But what about the pets?

A gentleman posted in a local Facebook group about a troubling moment he experienced at a convenience store. Here is his story:

“Last week, I observed a man purchasing one can of cat food with a bunch of change. I bought him $10 more as I couldn’t stand the thought of a poor hungry cat. It got me thinking that there are probably many hungry animals out there right now. Is there a place (that) people can go in town to get food for their animals during this difficult time? If not, I suggest that we immediately remedy this problem.”

Being a cat owner myself, my heart ached for this man. I don’t know his story, and neither does the gentleman who paid for his cans of food, but it’s clear that some families might be struggling to feed their animals.

More than 40 people chimed in, agreeing that there should be some type of system that would allow people to help less fortunate families feed their pets without having to break out their coin jars.

To the SouthCoast, I say we help this gentleman and the willing helpers to find a place to donate animal food and take care of the pets we love so much.

Do you know of any establishment accepting pet donations?

Let’s include our animals this year during the season of giving.

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