I had a bad experience with the office toaster oven this morning. I stupidly forgot to check the temperature before setting the timer and even more stupidly walked away. I swear I was only gone for a few minutes, but the damage was done. My cinnamon swirl bagel was charred and there was no saving it.

Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media
Kasey Silvia / Townsquare Media

In my defense, whoever used it before me had it set to 450 and I didn't even know those things got that hot. Honestly, who needs to heat up food at that temp?!

While I cursed this blasted kitchenette appliance, I still standby my belief that a toaster oven is better than a regular toaster. My toaster oven at home is used almost daily, as there are currently six people living there with different schedules and appetites.

If for no reason other than the fact that it offers versatility, I will always prefer using the toaster oven. I'd like to see you try and heat up dino nuggets, chicken patties, or tenders in a regular toaster. While a microwave might get the job done quickly, the toaster oven gives you a better quality result; Crispier and cooked just right. If it's just for one or two of you, there's no need to heat up the regular oven. Dinner in a matter of minutes. And reheating pizza will never get soggy in the toaster oven. Just be sure to set the temperature at a medium heat so you don't turn it to ashes as I did to this innocent bagel.

My coworkers cannot believe that I'm actually putting a toaster oven on my wedding registry. I think they're missing out on an efficient appliance that will solve a lot of problems.

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