First I should start with a quick story about the one time I went to dinner with this artist. His name is Lauv. You know him from his first hit, "I Like Me Better." Before that song came out, he was getting driven around by his record label meeting and greeting radio and growing his fan base. I had the opportunity to sit with him for dinner at this amazingly expensive seafood spot down south.

If you know me, you know seafood is not my go-to food, but it's what Lauv wanted. I'm not one to try a lot of different foods, but neither was Lauv. This spot had an appetizer dish that was, to put it simply, shaved octopus. Yes, it was seasoned with salt and rosemary. I didn't want to seem too basic so I told Lauv I would taste it if he did.

Well, we both took the smallest bites and never looked back. We did, however, drink lots of water.

I'm excited that he is thriving in the music world. He did take some much-needed time and a mental break from the music to make sure he was grounded and emotionally stable. It's not easy nor is it for everyone to be in the music world. I'm one of his biggest fans and supporters and I'm excited he is still creating.

His latest project, "Lonely," includes one of our favorite up-and-coming female artists, Anne-Marie. The song is direct in the manner that it just says how he is feeling. If you missed me playing it on the air, take a listen below:

I dig it, it's super catchy. I insert the swear word that accompanies it for good measure. What I think doesn't matter, though, it's time for you to decide if this song is wicked good and we should add it to the playlist, or totally whack and should never play it again.

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