Here's a not-so-friendly reminder why we have speed zones in the first place.

On Reed Road in Dartmouth, a half dozen ducks attempted to cross the road when a vehicle had struck and killed four out of the six.

A local animal lover by the name of Keith Morango noticed the surviving ducks looking on at their now deceased family and, as outraged as the man was, he stopped his vehicle, exited and removed the carcasses off the road to protect the ducks that had crossed without harm.

Disgusted and upset, Morango posted this, followed by a graphic photo of the deceased ducks:

Courtesy of Keith Morango


Courtesy of Keith Morango

As morbid as this post appears, the photo speaks volumes.

Morango did the right thing by protecting the remaining living ducks and spreading this message to those who don't obey speed zones. The speed limits are there for a reason, even if it's a wide-open road where slow speed isn't a factor, perhaps it's there to protect something else besides ourselves.

Next time you see a duck, deer or even swan crossing, think back on this photo of deceased ducks. They share the road with us, too.