A former NCAA basketball player turned social media personality is now taking a swing at singing and just released a new song.

You may know Austin McBroom from the basketball court almost 10 years ago. Or more recently, you may be one of Austin's 18 million YouTube subscribers that religiously follow the Ace family.

In the past few months, Austin has gotten some heat from his fans and I'm thinking it's all publicity leading up to the release of his song "Only One."

A couple of months ago, Austin got a little upset at his followers as they were complaining about not getting new video content from his channel in a few days. Mr. McBroom's response was a little aggressive and basically said his followers should have to pay to watch his family's videos.

Regardless of the drama around Austin, he released a new song that samples a past Fun 107 No. 1 hit from Big Pun, "I Don't Wanna Be a Playa."

The irony is that this song is all about being the opposite of being a "playa."

Take a listen to "Only One" in the video here:

Clearly I dig the beat of this song, but are we feeling this song? Austin has had a few careers but is singing and producing hits one of them? The music video has millions of views but is that from his loyal fan base or is this song gaining traction?

Is "Only You" wicked good or totally whack?

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