Some will say the wound is too fresh. Others may be more open to exploring the more than 110,000 square-foot underground museum.

I can understand the many emotions the National September 11 Memorial Museum will evoke for many Americans. My family was affected by the events of September 11. We lost a very dear friend when the twin towers were struck.

However, I realize that museums such as the Smithsonian, Le Louvre, Acropolis, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art preserve precious works so that we can understand and come to terms with what happened in the past.

With these words in mind, I look forward to visiting the National September 11 Memorial Museum which opened May 21 in New York City at Ground Zero to see how Alice M. Greenwald and various architects such as Snohetta and Davis Brody Bond created a balance between history and memories that will surely consume me as well as the rest of the world.