Mom-to-be Maren Morris commented recently that she didn't understand the point of a playroom. And the mom responses were delightful.

Personally I would have agreed with Morris before I had my kids. She felt there was no need for a playroom when the child has a bedroom and mentioned just playing her bedroom when she was growing up.

Though now that I am two kids deep, the playroom can sometimes be my best friend.

I honestly didn't even plan on having a playroom. It just kind of happened.

We had a kind of "spare room" in our house that will ultimately be a bedroom when the kids can be on the second floor by themselves. And slowly but surely toys took over the room.

Now it is a full blown playroom with wall to wall kid stuff and I love it.

Not only does it give the kids a place to play and make a total mess that I don't have to trip over, but it separates playtime and bedtime.

Since the bedroom isn't full of toys, I don't have to worry about the distraction at bedtime. And with how much my kids seem to hate sleeping, this is very important to me.

Now don't get me wrong, toys still find their way into nearly every room of the house. But I love having the one place to just toss them in, close the door and not think about the mess in there for a while.

And while Maren Morris may have someone else to clean up those messes, I do not and one less mess to clean at the end of the day is awesome.

But playroom or no playroom, Morris sounds like this new baby just may rock her world for a bit (as they tend to do with all new moms).

My favorite line from her playroom Tweet was "it just does not compute that a small kid gets two living spaces."

Oh Maren, you're new baby is going to get most of the living space as well as your personal space. Get ready girl.

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