How well do YOU know Max's?

Max's first opened up here on the Southcoast 10 Years ago in the South-End of New Bedford for about three years. Eventually, the restaurant moved to Dartmouth in the Gumbo's plaza and have been there ever since, including their newly renovated bar area that opened up last year,
So whether you're a Dartmouth Native or a local or someone who has passed by Max's or maybe have just never been.... here's a few "Fun Facts" about the burger joint that perhaps you were never aware of:

1.) Who Is Max and why is it named Max’s?

-Max is the son of restaurant owner- Steve Ginsberg, “When he was young his favorite foods were hamburgers and hot dogs. That was his go to.”

2.) What’s the most popular item on your menu?
3.) How many different draft lines of beer do you have?
-11 Craft Beers
4.) Has anybody famous eaten here?
-Jordan Todman (Houston Texans)
-Andre Tippet (New England Patriots)
5.) What are the best days to visit Max’s?
Trick Question… EVERY DAY is a good day, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are very popular. (TACO TUESDAYS & BYOB BUILD YOUR OWN BURGER THURSDAYS)
6.) If you could add anything else that’s not on the menu already, what would it be?
 -Lobster Mac n Cheese
7.) If Max’s was a movie on the big screen, what would you name it and what would the plot line be about?
-“Max’s”: The Southcoast Cheers where everybody knows everybody who’s anybody…. which is everybody.
-If a penguin walked in wearing a sombrero, what’s the first thing it would say if it could talk?
“What’s on tap today?"
With the constant changing of kegs, Max's always has something tasty on tap to try.

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