Ladies, take note of this move. Watch Erin Andrews, who was covering the Daytona 500, randomly, as she ran into into 50 Cent, you know the guy she didn't sleep with, and went into shutdown mode immediately, so much so that she awkwardly dodged his attempt at a kiss.

Andrews was working for FOX, trying to get an interview with Danica Patrick. Patrick, was no where to be scene, but did run into 50 ... the classy rapper went in for a kiss, Andrews with more class, turned her head to the side and the kiss was ruined.Andrews then ran!

I mean was up and out quick, dodging 50 and continued looking Patrick but 50 played it off like a champ. The second Andrews realized she wasn't going to find Danica -- plenty of awkward with 50 on camera was what she got-- and she immediately threw it back to the show's hosts. I'm sure they got together after. 50 always gets his lady, Erin Andrews - classy.

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