50 Shades of Awkward [VIDEO]
Dakota Johnson stars in the major hit, "50 shades of Grey." She plays Anastasia Steele, who is Christian Grey's submissive in the erotic film. Of the 120 minute run time, 20 minutes are filled with sex, sex, and more sex. Due to that fact and the nature of the sex scenes, John…
Funny Aniston Moment
The folks of the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 have once again worked their magic with a major celebrity. They took a member of the show, Chris Stark, and put him in a room with the lovely and talented Jennifer Aniston. It wasn't your typical interview, to say the least, but Aniston some how …
Awkward Kiss
Ladies, take note of this move. Watch Erin Andrews, who was covering the Daytona 500, randomly, as she ran into into 50 Cent, you know the guy she didn't sleep with, and went into shutdown mode immediately, so much so that she awkwardly dodged his attempt at a kiss.