At age 48, you can still catch 50 Cent partying "In Da Club," surrounded by bottles of bubbly, entertaining his fans.

Globally acclaimed rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson took the stage at Foxwood's Club Shrine recently, captivating a nearly sold-out audience. He belted out his greatest hits including "Just A Lil Bit," "Candy Shop" and, of course, "In Da Club," sending millennials and Gen-X fans into a frenzy.

Among the enthusiastic clubgoers were locals from New Bedford and Fall River. For them, this was an unforgettable ladies' night out.

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Renee Lavoie and her daughter Hayleigh Dootson opted for a special mother-daughter night. They invited along their lash tech friend Reyana Macedo (pronounced like Ariana) as a token of gratitude for always enhancing their beauty. Little did they know, 50 had his eyes on them from the stage.

Courtesy Renee Lavoie and Reyana Macedo
Courtesy Renee Lavoie and Reyana Macedo

Post-show, Macedo was plucked from the crowd and invited to join 50 on the side of the stage. She agreed but then asked if her friends could meet him, too.

"I wouldn't have been there if they didn't invite me; it was only fair," Macedo told Fun 107. "He agreed to meet them and was incredibly respectful. It was an awesome night."

When the ladies met 50, they shared a couple of glasses of champagne and chatted. At one point, the rapper whispered in Lavoie's ear, recalling how he had made eye contact with her throughout the show.

Lavoie noted she was there with her daughter and a friend to which 50 replied, "Don't you think I can recognize a mature woman when I see one?"

While they were invited to a VIP-only after-party, the ladies respectfully declined and headed back to the SouthCoast.

Courtesy Renee Lavoie and Reyana Macedo
Courtesy Renee Lavoie and Reyana Macedo

"Just meeting him was innocent and good enough for me," Lavoie said. "I was so happy."

In the end, it was a much-needed and enjoyable girls' night out that culminated in a meet-and-greet with the legend himself.

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