This past Saturday, we brought a contingent of folks from all across New England to Fort Taber in New Bedford, as part of Face Your Fear Night.

Now, I can tell you, I'm not really afraid of ghosts--but after what happened Saturday, maybe I should be.

The event was run similarly to how we run our Legend Trips events, with myself, Jeff Belanger, Stephanie Burke, Matt Moniz and Andrew Lake each positioned at different areas across the park, and the attendees rotating through the areas in order to get a chance to investigate with each of us and our own unique styles, equipment and experiments. I was positioned in one of the batteries, along with my Spooky Southcoast co-host and good friend Stephanie, and we were ready to lead the groups to some fun and adventure.

Then, stuff got real.

The first couple of groups experienced some activity. The spirit of one woman's grandfather, who was once stationed at the Fort, was communicating via dowsing rods. We were also received huge spikes in the Electromagnetic Field, as measured with our K-II meters, despite the fact that there is no electricity in the building. These spikes could indicate the presence of a ghost, and they certainly seemed to indicate that something was standing right among the group of investigators, as people began to report feeling cold spots and the sensation of something touching them.

By the time the third group came into our area, the activity was starting to strengthen. Stephanie--who is a psychic medium--suddenly got an impression of the name "Rob" or "Robin" (unbeknownst to her, we had heard the same thing through the EchoVox app earlier in the night, although we thought it was calling one of the people in the room by his name). We pointed a laser grid down the hallway, in an attempt to see any shadow figures that may be lurking about. Shadow figures are similar to ghosts, but have more of a solid form than an apparition. Once we turned the grid on, it only took a few moments before we started to see human-shaped shadows--not our own--walking up the hallway and blocking out the lights of the grid. They were solid. They were real.

And they were coming right at us.

At the same time, we were feeling an inexplicable strong cold breeze blowing in our faces; the logistics of the building we were in would make a breeze that strong, coming right at us, an impossibility. Yet everyone felt it, and our digital thermometer verified it was happening.

More words were coming through the EchoVox, and I was starting to understand that whoever this "Robin" was, she wanted our help. I stood just a few feet from where the laser grid was positioned, in the hopes that maybe she would come toward me.

Instead, I was encircled by shadow figures. Literally walking around me. And they didn't seem happy.

Yet I wasn't afraid, but rather intrigued. Were these the spirits of some soldiers that were stationed here? Or were they connected to the property in a different way? And what was it about me that they found so interesting?

At the same time, the others in the group could see these figures. They saw other weird, anomalous lights appearing down the hall, and more figures lurking about in the darkness as the cold continued to blast them in the face.

Eventually, the activity subsided and it was time to call it a night. After spending some time decompressing with everyone back in the military museum, we packed everything up and headed home. I climbed into bed at about 3 a.m., hoping that maybe I could find out more answers when we return to Fort Taber this Saturday for Face Your Fear Night 2.

Shortly after falling asleep, I was awoken by a searing pain in my left leg. One of the worst "Charlie Horses" I've ever had was gripping my calf, enough that I screamed out loud. After a few moments, it subsided, and I went back to sleep. About an hour later, I woke up again, with the same thing happening in my right leg.

I crawled out of bed and to the kitchen. I drank a big glass of water and ate a banana, figuring that between hydration and potassium, the pain would fade for good. But it stuck with me, not only throughout Sunday but into Monday as well. Turns out it happened to Stephanie, too.

As I write this, I'm about 48 hours removed from my night at Fort Taber. Stephanie and I both are still feeling leg pain, and we've had some physical side effects from this investigation that seem stronger than anything we usually encounter.

Perhaps this is just "their" way of reminding us that they're OK with us coming to long as we play by their rules.





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