This past Saturday was our first official ghost hunt experience and we thought that dressing warm and bringing our flashlights was all we really needed. We were wrong. So wrong. As the night went on, we realized just how unprepared we were to be on this physically demanding trip.

Now that it's Monday morning and we've had some time to sleep off a long Saturday night and regroup- we've come up with a list of things that will help you get prepared for our second investigation on Saturday, October 24th.

1. Snacks.  We bring food, coffee, hot chocolate and tea in for everyone but its a long night out there in the park. The paranormal team had pockets stuffed with snacks and by the time 12am hit, we finally understood why. Food = energy; you're going to need it!

Someone uses the Ghost Hunt App on their phone during the investigation
Someone uses the Ghost Hunt App on their phone during the investigation

2. Portable Phone Charger.  Lots of folks brought portable chargers along with them because they were all using the Ghost Hunt app (EMF meters, EVP detection and word interpretation right on your phone!) This app is free and worth downloading before you head out for the night. The word interpretation ranged from scary to funny, depending on how you feel about being called a wench.

3. Flashlights.  We spent a lot of time walking around the park as a whole making sure no one was wandering into areas they shouldn't be. What we didn't think about was that only one of us could control the flashlight, leaving the other feeling unsafe.  If everyone has their own light source, it helps. Backup batteries are also useful, as a lot of people reported their batteries dying for no apparent reason.

4. Hats and Gloves.  Its October and its cold, but its also waterfront property in the middle of the night. Even if you think you don't need it, pack a hat and gloves just in case the weather throws you for a loop.

5. Backpack. Bringing a small backpack is a good idea, especially if you plan on bringing the above suggested items, some extra layers or your own equipment.

6. An Open Mind.  This event is all about the experience and half of that is created by what you allow yourself to be open to. Get to know your fellow investigators and see if they're seeing/feeling the same things you are- you'd be surprised!  In fact, for this exact reason, it's totally okay to come to the event by yourself. A handful of people came by themselves and had just as much fun as everyone else.

We can't wait to go back knowing what we know now. If you see us, say Hi, we'll be the ones with backpacks full of snacks.

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