Another way to cool down this summer has arrived at Fort Tabor in New Bedford and just in time with the heat we've been experiencing.

Anyone who's a fan of ice cream and sorbet and can look forward to Sorbae, a mom-and-pop ice cream stand that has recently made itself at home in New Bedford's South End by the gates of Fort Taber.

"The idea for Sorbae emerged from the love for our most favorite comfort food, ice cream, combined with a passion for learning," they said. "The development of handcrafted sorbet popsicles spanned over two years of experimenting, testing and researching different types of techniques and methods until we landed on something unique and delicious."

The Sorbae team started out accumulating some equipment and building out a business plan right as the pandemic began.

"In late 2019/early 2020, we began a search for locations but then COVID hit," they said. "On the bright side, the extra time at home gave us a chance to practice and refine our products to hopefully expand our menu with more flavors and even other frozen confections using the techniques and methods we've learned along the way.

Earlier this year, upon the city's announcement for open bids on the Fort Taber concession building, Sorbae made the decision that the location by the beaches would be perfect for visitors to enjoy something refreshing to compliment a hot summer's day.

"With lots of encouragement from friends and family, we went for it," they said. "We are ecstatic and looking forward to a memorable summer. It's truly an honor to have this opportunity and we hope to do NBMA proud."

So, the next time you're down by the waterfront in the South-End and looking for a tasty way to cool down, be on the lookout for Sorbae.

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