On Saturday night, the Spooky Southcoast crew, renown paranormal expert Jeff Belanger and volunteers from the Fort Taber/Fort Rodman Historical Association opened up Fort Taber Park for an after-hours paranormal investigation of the parks batteries, Military Museum and Fort Rodman itself.Folks from Connecticut to New Hampshire joined us for the six hour event with most of them reporting experiences ranging from shadow figures, mysterious lights, strange sounds and even touches from unseen hands - pretty spooky stuff!

While the team came in with equipment like dowsing rods (copper L-shaped rods), EVP readers (used to record mysterious voices from beyond) and K2 meters (used to detect spikes in electro magnetic energy), guests brought their own equipment, ranging from basic cameras and ghost hunting apps to infrared equipped POV cameras, laser grid scopes and spirit boxes. We even broke out some Ouija boards!

Spooky Southcoast team member Stephanie had this to say about the night:

*PLEASE NOTE: Audio played from inside the Fort was taken on a 2013 hunt that our resident ghost hunter Tim Weisberg headed. Our paranormal researchers are still processing evidence from this past Saturday's adventure!

If you think a paranormal night is just what you need this October, consider coming out for Face Your Fears Night #2 on Saturday, October 24th. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Historical Association's continued restoration efforts of the Fort and surrounding buildings.

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