Thanksgiving may just be my very favorite holiday.  It comes stocked with three of my favorite things:  football, food and family (not necessarily in that order).

It used to be that most retail stores would be closed on Thanksgiving, and opened bright and early the following day for Black Friday sales.  However, there are some SouthCoast stores that do remain open on Thanksgiving, at least for part of the day.

It's odd to think about for us, but in other parts of the country (outside of New England), it's not unusual for supermarkets to be opened on Thanksgiving in the morning and sometimes into the early afternoon.  The idea is to be open for last minute emergency items for the at home chefs working their magic in the kitchen.  You forgot the onion strings for the broccoli casserole?  No problem.  They're there for you, and by closing in the early afternoon the grocery stores can get their workers home in time for dinner.

For us here on the SouthCoast, we place our priorities on other things.  The coffee things.  We couldn't begin to think of starting a day without your Dunkin or Honey Dew fix, so they are open Thanksgiving mornings.  It's nice, because these doughnut shops opening up on Thanksgiving mornings goes hand in hand with another very New England Thanksgiving tradition:  football games.  How many people swing through the drive thru, grab their coffees and head to the game?  Many of the workers have told me that they don't mind because Thanksgiving tips are usually quite generous, and they are home in plenty of time for the turkey.

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