Relive the game and all the action with Fun 107's Championship Song, dedicated to the New England Patriots.

Despite being the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in history, Patriots fans were still biting their nails, from L.A. to the SouthCoast. What a sweet, sweet victory it was for New England as Bill Belichick and the rest of his roster secured their sixth Super Bowl championship under the reign of Tom Brady.

Of course this calls for a celebration, and what better way to do that than with an anthem:

The moment the Patriots were crowned the champions and awarded that beautiful Lombardi trophy, I was off to work, ready to turn up the heat in the studio. There's zero doubt in my mind that you'll get goosebumps with this one.

"Let's Go" by Trick Daddy featuring Lil' Jon was the perfect choice to overlay every action-packed play from start to finish. It's not only the chorus of the song, but it's tcatchphrasease coined by Mr. Brady himself, therefore making the song choice suitable, relatable and downright awesome.

It's been a sweet ride, Patriots Nation, so let's sit back and turn up those speakers a little louder with this one.


One last message to all the haters out there:

We are New England and we're still here. #MicDrop

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