In the Southcoast we have a lot of water around us and we're grateful for being so close to the ocean, but we also have access to many ponds and lakes as well.

Here's some fun facts about Long Pond:

long pond 2
  1. Long Pond is shared by both Freetown and Lakeville and actually even overlaps counties.
  2. The deepest Long Pond gets is 10 feet deep.
  3. Long Pond has 11 miles of shoreline that has year-round homes along it.
  4. Of course, Long Pond is GREAT for swimming as well as boating and other recreational activities.
  5. Long Pond is great for fishing, a variety of freshwater fish can be found including everything from largemouth bass to pumpkinseed!
  6. When boating, be sure to look out for rocks. Long Pond has been said for over a hundred years to be tough to navigate due to the large amount of submerged rocks right under the surface.
  7. To access Long Pond take Route 18 South from 495 and follow the road down to the water.

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Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan

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