It's hard to believe that September is already here and school is back in session.

I'm sure as we all know by now, among the list of things we had had to adapt to in 2020, schooling is one of the most complicated in the grouping. "Hybrid learning" has been the solution to keeping students as safe from COVID-19 as possible, although it hasn't been proven quite yet. It's a learning curve we will soon discover as a triumph or a fail.

Like anything, there will most likely be some adjusting to the new system as half the body of students will be learning from a classroom while the other half will be educated from their homes.

For the most part, teachers, parents and students are diving into the new school year with a blind lead that will truly test their ability to adapt to a new age in education.

This is where I'd like to lend a helping hand with a list of items parents (and in some cases, teachers) can lean on for back-to-school preparation. I've reached out to a handful of local teachers in the area who have prepared themselves and their students with the required necessities needed to be ready for the return to learning.

Best of luck, to both parents, teachers and students. I hope this helps:

Back-to-School Shopping for a Hybrid Learning Model

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