Stress. It’s an unwanted amenity that nobody wants around. It comes and goes and although some people have mastered the skill of living a stress-free life, there are those who struggle with it.

It effects our every day life and often times our work-ethic. Stress can sometimes have a stronghold on our emotions and perception of life. Weighing down the positivity and bringing out the worst in people.

There are unacceptable ways with dealing with stress that I don’t recommend, but what I can offer is life-hack that will change your mood for the better! When you’re stressed out, instead of running away from your problems or doing something regrettable, rid them away with food!

Yes, that’s right… food.

No medication needed, no hypnosis or yoga needed (because some of us simply don’t have the time for upward dogs or crouching tigers), just these very simple and very accessible food choices is all you’ll need to brush off the stress and move on with your day. So why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Some of these choices on the “Stress-Free Menu” are somewhat indulgent and almost too beneficial to your health and mood.

After-all... You are what you eat!

Here are the top 10 foods that are proven to lower stress levels:


10.) Veggies with Raw Cheese

-The fiber in Vegetables (preferably Broccoli) will help increase Digestion and the calcium in the cheese helps improve nerve function in the nervous system which will help relax your body entirely.

9.) Oatmeal with Berries and Walnuts

-Between the Vitamin B and C from the berries to help brighten up your mood and the Omega-3's from the walnuts that has been proven to induce happiness... This dish is a stress-free knock-out combo.

8.) Salmon Sushi Roll with Brown Rice

-Another great source of Omega-3's and fatty acids from the fish that will help prevent diseases that can be harmful to both the brain and heart and can also improve functionality. The "good" carbs that you intake from the brown rice will increase serotonin levels (happy feelings) that will allow you to "Keep Calm and Carry on!"

7.) Hot Water with Lemon

-Make it a habit to drink this as soon as you wake up to help digestive activity push any toxins through your bowels, relieving any bloating or discomfort that will cause stress levels to rise. 

6.) Kale Smoothies

-The fiber and antioxidants in this super-food beverage will sustain energy throughout your day and clear the fogginess usually caused from fatigue or lack of nutrients to the body. Will also help you feel more relaxed after consuming. 

5.) Cashews

-A fantastic source of Magnesium, Zinc and Tryptophan which help relax the body, brain and strengthen your immunity system. Fun Fact: If you're feeling angry or anxious, grab a handful of these super-nuts and watch the stress melt away. 

4.) Hardboiled Eggs

-This one benefits your brain function. The two main nutrients that you can find in the yolk, Choline and Tyrosine, will help with memory, focus and alertness. Also a great source of natural Amino Acids.

3.) Oysters

-This delectable seafood is packed with antioxidants and zinc that will boost your immune system to levels that will crush stress and unwanted negativity. Next time you're eating at a raw bar, take advantage of the "All-You-Can-Eat" Oysters, you just might leave the restaurant happier (and fuller) than when you arrived.

2.) Green Tea

-This one's a no-brainer... Green Tea (Decaf only) acts as a soothing beverage that not only helps to calm you down, but will help fight off viruses and bacteria that will attack your immune system.

1.) Dark Chocolate

-Of course this is number one on the list. Not only is Dark Chocolate delicious and highly enjoyable, it doubles as a beneficial super-food. Ever wonder why you feel happier after eating a piece of chocolate? Well the more cocoa a piece of dark chocolate contains, the higher the antioxidants and the more it will release the "happy" serum found in serotonin and endorphins in your brain. Happy brain, happy person. Simple as that!