Spring cleaning came early... or twenty seven years late. Here's a recap of what went on in the world since we last saw the floor in our unit.


We here at Fun 107 treat our stuff in our storage unit like Rose treats Jack in the Titanic

"I'll never let go", says Gazelle as he leaves our unit before he heads home. Each year we add more and more to our unit without taking anything out. Image an episode of Storage Wars meets an episode of Hoarders. Finally we broke the chain, cleaned our unit out and found some items dating back to 1990! A lot has changed since the 90's but we're only going to highlight a couple big events that our poor storage unit missed out on.


Michael Rock joins Fun 107- In September of 1995, a bright eyed young lass named Michael Rock started his first shift at Fun 107. Since that day, Michael has been a part of our morning commute giving us a good laugh all the way to work.

Southeastern Massachusetts University became UMass Dartmouth- In 1991 Southeastern Massachusetts University struck a deal to join Amherst, Boston & Worchester campuses under the new title of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Since then the campus has seen expansions in their research, arts, and business departments.

The New England Patriots draft Tom Brady- 2000 was a year that will go down in NFL history. Tom Brady was selected with the 199th pick in the NFL draft. Five Superbowls and four Superbowl MVP's later, Tom seems stronger than ever.

The Internet happened- 1991 introduces the World Wide Web to the world. Instantly being connected to the corners of the earth has revolutionized the way we live our lives. And to think before 1991 we never were introduced to memes...

The Braga Bridge closed, then opened, then closed, then...- The saga of the Braga Bridge still lives on. From one construction job to another, we've dealt with backed up traffic during both of our commutes. When I'm stuck in that traffic sometimes I wish I were locked in a storage unit.

The Schamonchi Ferry closed it's doors- the only thing between you and your vacation on Martha's Vineyard was a slow moving 130-foot ferry, perfect for your motion sickness.

The Red Sox reversed the curse-  Boston wasn't always perceived as Title Town, USA. It took a lovable band of idiots and the greatest comeback in sports history, but when the dust settled the Curse of the Bambino was reversed in 2004.

The iPhone was released: Steve Jobs took the Apple name from a second class computer company to the premier innovator in the smartphone industry in 2007 with the introduction of the iPhone. Seven versions, two charger ports, and one missing earphone jack later, the iPhone is still standing strong as the top sold smartphone on the market.

Star Wars came back, twice: When Star Wars: A New Hope first hit theaters in 1977 and changed the movie industry forever. Since then we have seen the franchise become a parody of itself with A Phantom Menace and the rest of the prequels in 1999. But luckily time heals all wounds when Episode 7: The Force Awakens destroyed box office records in 2015. Nerds rejoice!

America's had four different Presidents: President George H. W. Bush was in office in 1990, since then we have seen four other President's take the oath of office. Clinton, Bush, Obama & Trump have all taken the title of POTUS, the most respected position in our country.

I was born: It may freak some people out that most of the "90's babies" are flooding into the work force. It's been a crazy ride since 1993 but what's even crazier is sorting through paperwork in a storage unit that's older than you!

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