Today, when I went to get the mail, this invitation was stuck in my door.

I got really excited, thinking that I was being invited to something fun! I walked in the house with the mail and my invite, and even saved it for last because I thought it would definitely be better than opening up bills.

I finally opened up my invitation and sadly, I was a little disappointed. It was an invitation to join a religious group.

While I am fine with people practicing whatever religion makes them happy, I don't like it when anyone tries to push theirs on me. That goes for anything too, religion, politics, likes, dislikes, whatever really...we are all different and entitled to have our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Plus, this leads me to another question. Is it even safe to go door-to-door anymore to speak to strangers about something they may not be interested in or open to talking about? I don't know that I would feel safe or comfortable knocking on a strangers door for anything! Things are different now than they were when I was a kid, and I'm not even sure it was all that safe back then, never mind now.

How do you feel about someone walking onto your property to try to talk to you about their religious group? I gotta say, I don't exactly love it.

I think I will be politely declining this invitation.