Not too many of us are hopping on planes and escaping to tropical islands these days. However, it’s summertime on the SouthCoast, and there are plenty of ways to make our staycation a special one.

Why not make this summer the summer of exploration? I recommend you start your exploring at this hidden gem in Gloucester that I came across thanks to TikTok.

I was casually scrolling through my TikTok feed when I came across a video. It begins with a stunning view of crystal-clear water and soft rocks with the words, “If you are from Mass.”

Okay, @marissaobe, tell me more.

Marissa pans out to her surroundings to show Wingaersheek Beach, a stunning area where the sky is as crystal clear as the water. I don’t see a speck of seaweed in her video. She boasts about the sand dollars and hermit crabs, and shows her little ones safely playing on the “best rocks for some jumping”, claiming it as the “BEST beach in MASS.”

After seeing her video, it’s hard to argue. In one of the scenes of her TikTok, a staircase can be seen leading down to the water. There doesn’t seem to be much beach, but it seems perfect for explorers and swimmers.

While Marissa’s video is mostly of the enticing water, The City of Gloucester assured me that, “At low tide, the beach extends out for hundreds of yards and a long sandbar is exposed, making for a great place to walk.”

It seems that the best time to visit this gem is during low tide, according to some TripAdvisor users, when there is the sandbar to walk on and tide pools to explore.

You don’t need a plane ticket to find paradise when there are places like this one right in our own neighborhood.

To find more details on Wingaersheek Beach, click here.

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