We had over 250 nominations for your favorite nurses on the Southcoast so we wanted to make sure everyone got a little shout out.

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Anna Manny - St. Jame's St. John

Emily Collins - Carney Academy

Sue LaPlante - Carney Academy

Kelly Melo - Keith Middle School

Denise Valois - LeRoy L. Wood Elementary

Irene Caneira - DeValles School NB

Susan Atkins - Wareham Middle School


Sandra Burgo - Active Day of New Bedford

Lisa Amaral - Adam's House

Sarah Spencer - Cooperative Production INC

Robin Moore - Fellowship Health Resources

Rachel Lima - High Point

Lisa LeBeau - Home Care

Susan Finnegan - Home Care

Anne Marie Rezendes - Home Care

Pam Pulley - Hospice of MA

Amy Allain - New Bedford Jewish Convalescent Home

Donna Callahan - New Bedford Jewish Convalescent Home

Heather Lake - Kennedy Donovan Center

Ashley Roderiques - Norton Agency

Joyce Berube - Portsmouth VA

Audrey Aurelio - Schwartz Center

Jameson O'Berry - Schwartz Center

Cindy Dickerson - Signature Healthcare

Pamela Shea - Southcoast Hospice

Crystal Dupras - Southcoast VNA

Sandra Ricardo - Southcoast VNA

Christine Conde - Southcoast VNA

Christo Sakellaropoulos - Southcoast VNA

Kerrie Safford - Stewards Home Care

Lore Cote - Stewards Home Care

Sherrie Mayette - Fall River VNA


Christine Ehlers - Boston Children's Hospital

Eileen Marshall - Brigham and Women's

Kim Couto - Brockton VA Hospital

Erin Costa - Charlton Memorial

Patricia Faria - Charlton Memorial

Gisela Desrosiers - Charlton Memorial

Janet Rodgrigues - Charlton Memorial

Sean McGuiness - Charlton Memorial

Tiffany Domingues - Charlton Memorial

Lee Leahy - Charlton Memorial

Kimberly Campbell - Charlton Memorial

Jason Dyl - Fatima Hospital ICU

Liz Conely - St. Luke's Hospital

Maria Lavadinho - Mass. General

Shayla Wuilleumier - Miriam Hospital

Tracy Furtado - Rhode Island Hospital

Katherine Gobell - Rhode Island Hospital

Tanya DeSousa - St. Anne's

Ashley Silvia - St. Anne's

Lisa Porawski - St. Anne's

Ruth Carreiro - St. Luke's Hospital

Sarah Souza - St. Luke's Hospital

Rebecca Butler - St. Luke's Hospital

Andrea Paleologos - St. Luke's Hospital

Tracy Feitor - St. Luke's Hospital

Laurie St. Pierre -  St. Luke's Hospital

Lisa Garifales -  St. Luke's Hospital

Carlos Marques -  St. Luke's Hospital

Kara Hughes -  St. Luke's Hospital

Natasha Chen -  St. Luke's Hospital

Holly McGreavy -  St. Luke's Hospital

Tim Waithe -  St. Luke's Hospital

Kelly Mota -  St. Luke's Hospital

Denise Ayotte -  St. Luke's Hospital

Robert Santos -  St. Luke's Hospital

Joana Franco -  St. Luke's Hospital

Sara Crowley -  St. Luke's Hospital

Nate Lewis - Tobey Hospital

Hailey Cormier - Tobey Hospital

Laurie St. Pierre - Tobey Hospital

Darlene Lovegrove - South Shore Hospital

Dan Branco - Southcoast ER

Michele Tsliagos - Southcoast Health @ St. Luke's

Sarah St. Amour - Southcoast Health Float Pool

Tiffany Dozois - Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Lauren Harris - Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Stephanie Dzailo - Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Amiee Cabral - Vibra Hospital


Jessica Couto - Greater New Bedford Community Health Center

Farrah Paiva - Greater New Bedford Community Health Center

Lauren Sykes - NB Community Health (Wareham)

Tiffany Tripp - NB Community Health Care

Sherrie Branco - NB Community Health Care

Holly Rose -  Hawthrone Medical

Natasha Martin - Hawthorne Medical

Jessica Marcaccio - Highlands Group

Jeanne Gregoire - Lifestream

Terry Ferland - Pediatric Associates of Fall River

Jessica Babcock - Sippican Health Care Center

Vanessa Nogueira - Sippican Health Care Center

Gail Arrufa - Southcoast Center for Cancer Care

Ian Donaghy - Southcoast Oncology Center

Judith Lachance - Southcoast Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Robyn Neville - Southcoast Surgery Center

Jennifer Monaghan - Community Health Center of Cape Cod


Liana Moniz - Care One New Bedford

Amanda Almeida - Hannah B.G. Shaw Home

Donna Martin - Kimwell

Monica Tavares - Kimewell

Diane Olivera - Our Lady's Haven

Monique Shurtleff - Royal of Fairhaven Nursing

Ashley Weber - Tremont Nursing Home

THANK YOU to all our nurses, in all aspects of the medical field, who sacrifice so much to care for us when we need it the most. You are heroes.

*Please note that if there is a spelling error or incorrect place of employment, all were taken directly from our nomination form. Some entries were submitted without photos if you don't spot your favorite nurse in the collage! 

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