Seriously, I'm not sure how I feel about this , Now , Besides all the food we like , Now we have to worry about our cell phone making us fatter.

According to a recent article in England's Daily Mirror having a glowing smartphone, Tablets or even a lap top  in your bedroom at night could do more than interrupt your beauty sleep – it could also make you fat, researchers have warned.

They say that our bodies need pitch-black dark to produce the right levels of a hormone involved in regulating the conversion of food and drink into energy.

It means ambient light from street lamps or even a cell phone can disrupt the release of melatonin and prevent us burning food as efficiently.

Scientists say short-wavelength blue light, which is emitted by some devices when they are charging, is the most disruptive to sleep – and consequently our metabolism.

Although it is not bright enough to light up a room, it still disrupts our bodies, they said. A team at the University of Granada in Spain discovered that injections of melatonin helped combat obesity and diabetes in rats by helping to regulate their systems.

So charge your devices some where else ...Not the bedroom  !