Netflix has totally taken me on such an emotional rollercoaster lately and this new series has, too.

Bird Box, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and now You. Netflix is really emotionally and mentally taking me to task lately. Bird Box had me scared to be outside of my house. Black Mirror forced me to take a serious look in the mirror with some of the decisions I was making in the show. Now You has me paranoid to the max.

This show is easily the creepiest thing I've ever watched. I don't know who's running things up at Netflix, or who's in charge of approving new shows, but that guy is a sick individual.

Basically, the show is about a guy who's a supreme creep and essentially stalks this girl that came into his bookstore. He's got her phone. He's going through her text conversations because everything is linked. He's found out basically any and everything he needs to know about her through social media.

It's absolutely terrifying and it makes me want to go off the grid so bad!

The last thing I need is random people digging up my whole life history and staring at me through my living room window. I mean, the creepiness in the show goes FAR beyond just some internet stalking, but that's my biggest takeaway. You literally can link into everyone's everything because, well, everything is linked now!

So if you're not ready to throw out every piece of technology in your home, I'd suggest avoiding You altogether.

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