Meteor showers are really cool by themselves but even more exciting when they're known as the "Dragon's Breath" showers. 

Next week, on the nights of October 7 and 8, you'll be able to see a meteor shower here on the East Coast that originates from the constellation Draco, or "the Dragon." Most famously, the Draconid meteor showers can produce thousands of meteors per hour.

While the shower won't be as intense this year, we can expect a pretty good showing around 8 p.m. or later on the night of the 8th. Because of the New Moon, the skies will also be extra dark, meaning better visibility. And these showers are particularly slow moving, which gives you a better chance to see them.

Around here, the best places to see any kind of activity in the sky are places that you can get as far away from light pollution as you can. Personally, I think if you can make the half-mile trek out onto Gooseberry Island (not the parking lot - go down the path that leads to the point), you have a pretty good chance of seeing a stellar show.


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