You need a password for everything nowadays, and the hardest part is remembering all of them.

Which site makes you choose a capital letter, and a symbol, and a number and it needs to be a certain amount of characters? Unless you have some way to track all of your different passwords, it can be difficult to remember them all. Well, Yahoo has come up with a solution for that, it's called the 'On Demand Password.'

Yahoo will send users a new password via text message every time they need to log in to check their email. It's an optional service and you need to set it up if you'd like to use it. Just log into your Yahoo account, click on your name, then account security, and set it up from there.

I still have the Yahoo account that I created about 15 years ago. It was before I had my own computer, so I'd have to go to the library to log on and check it. This was before the days of 'Gmail' of course.

I just logged in to my Yahoo account and changed my settings to allow 'On Demand Passwords', so we'll see how it goes! Even if I'm re-entering a new password every time I log in, it's gotta be easier than clicking 'forgot my password' and having to re-set it every time I log in!

I love this idea, one less password for me to remember! Maybe this will catch on and other websites can offer something similar. Imagine if having to remember passwords became a thing of the past? I'd free up all that space in my brain!

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