This morning on the FUN Morning Show, I brought up how my wife Deb suggested that I become a teacher. At first, I immediately thought she was screwing with me, but now that I think of it, maybe I could mold young minds.

Our son is just about 2 years old. We read to him everyday, go through the alphabet a zillion times, point out letters and ask what they are. I try to get him to say his name and go through colors, and he just started to go to day care to build up his social skills with the other kids.

Now, the day care just might be telling me what I'm about to tell you to everyone who's got a kid, but when they say, "Your son is already at Pre-K levels," you start wondering if incorporating early reading and great learning aids that they have now for babies has something to do with knowing when to start them on it.

This listener has a great idea.

Wait a minute! What am I saying? This is me we're talking about. The Larry that never pays bills on time. The Larry who loves to partake is social drinking activites. The Larry who gets to the FUN Morning Show after it has begun. Am I really ready to take on a teacher role? Who knows?

Maybe when I become an adult. I'm only 34 you know.

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