If you have "1234" as your password, for the sake of the rest of us, don't act surprised when your account gets hacked.Hackers and computer viruses don't even need a simple password to break into your personal accounts and snag your information. Sometimes, even a decent password can't protect your e-mails from being read by some creep in North Korea.

According to Uproxx.com, Splash Data compiled a list of the 25 worst passwords for Time Magazine. If one of your passwords are on the list, I suggest changing that quickly.

Most of the obvious ones feature sequential numbers or letters. Others are the letters on the keyboard typed out in a row, like "asdf" or "qwerty".

These are lazy passwords people!

Five out of the top seven bad passwords use numbers in order, and the #2 terrible password is, well, 'password'. Other poor choices include common character names like "batman" and "superman".

Check out the full list for yourself on the link below. No password required...