If you wanted to splurge and take the most expensive beach vacation you possibly could, SouthCoasters wouldn't have to travel too far.

That's because a new survey of the priciest beach destinations in the world by TravelMag.com has declared Nantucket, MA to be the most expensive beach destination in the entire world, based on cost of lodging.

Shocking, but true it costs you more to book a room in Nantucket than it would in any other beachside vacation spot in the entire world. A lot more.

Nantucket came in first on this expensive destination list by literally hundreds of dollars.

TravelMag.com ranked beach destinations around the globe by the cost of their least expensive room available to book between August 1 and August 31, 2023. Nantucket's was a sky-high $694 per night.

Destination #2 on their list, Positano, on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast, was $481 per night.

Turns out coming to New England for a summer vacation is one of the most expensive things people can do.

Montauk, New York took #3 on the list, Kennebunkport, Maine was #5 and Provincetown, MA was #6 with rooms averaging $404 per night on the tip of Cape Cod.

It could actually be cheaper for Massachusetts residents to fly to the Caribbean for a week's vacation, than attempt to book an overnight stay just a hour's drive down 195.


Not surprising, there are plenty of celebrities who spend summer months in Nantucket and one of the world's best hotels is on the island as well.

Of course Cape Cod also happens to be one of the world's largest hotspots for great white sharks, so maybe the splurge isn't worth it? Perhaps these Caribbean resorts are a better way to beach vacation this summer.

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