A new experience is coming to Cape Cod and it’s going to have beer lovers flocking this summer.

City Brew Tours Cape Cod is the ultimate tour of the Cape’s best breweries and wineries, giving guests a memorable, safe and inclusive way to enjoy some of the destination's best brews.

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What Is City Brew Tours?

Think of it as a field trip for adults.

City Brew Tours is an all-inclusive tour and beer-focused experience in some of the best beer cities in North America.

“Our mission is to be the leading curator of craft beer experiences for visitors, locals, and the community as both an ambassador and an advocate for the brewing industry,” City Brew Tours says.

By 2022, City Brew Tours had expanded to 17 cities, and this year, it has expanded to Cape Cod thanks to Chrissy Barboza and Mark Reade.

Meet the Owners

Chrissy Barboza and Mark Reade have owned a home on the Cape for eight years but have never been able to enjoy it for more than a few weekends out of the year. Reade was ready to leave the corporate world in Boston and Barboza retired last year.

When they experienced City Brew Tours in Boston, they knew they wanted to bring that experience to the Cape.

Chrissy Barboza
Chrissy Barboza

“We took the tour in Boston and loved it,” said Barboza. “Now, we are both down in the Cape full-time and started tours last month for friends and family. Our grand opening will be May 11.”

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City Brew Tours Comes to Cape Cod

The Cape Cod version of City Brew Tours will be an all-inclusive, immersive experience for beer enthusiasts and tourists alike, showcasing the local craft beer scene, accompanied by food pairings at locally owned restaurants.

It’s a fun way to explore local breweries, learn about the brewing process, and, of course, sample some high-quality beers.

Chrissy Barboza
Chrissy Barboza

“It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and we had a blast experiencing it in Boston, we had to bring it here,” said Barboza.

Over a dozen breweries and a handful of wineries and distilleries have teamed up with City Brew Tours Cape Cod to offer a safe and enjoyable way to experience local brews and local food.

How It Works

The bus tour is a curated experience where guests enjoy transportation between breweries and exclusive brewery access.

Chrissy Barboza
Chrissy Barboza

Public and private tours are both available, and whichever kind you choose, every experience aims to showcase local business.

City Brew Tours Cape Cod officially launches on May 11.

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