In times like these, it’s important to seek out the little things in life that will make you happy.

I was feeling a little down the other day, and while I scrolled aimlessly through social media, I came across a family band performing “Quarantine Sessions.” There was something about the girl’s smile that made me click on the video, and I am so happy I did because I got acquainted with Anelise, a natural-born singer looking to spread positivity to the world.

Anelise and her family live in a small town just outside of Worcester and since they loved singing together, Anelise felt it was important to share their music with the world.

“I started the Quarantine Sessions to inspire people who are going through these really tough times,” she explained.

Her goal was to spread positivity and to inspire others to do the same, and it’s safe to say that it’s working. The performance that I came across has accumulated more than 10 million views on Facebook.

Lori says, “At first, it was just for fun, to share her light and her love for the song," said Anelise's mom, Lori. "And then it just kept going, and people kept responding.”

Her passion for music is clear, and her mission to spread love and kindness during a time of struggle is palpable. As soon as I came across her, I wanted to share her positivity with the SouthCoast, hoping to continue to spread the good vibes.

Annelise is the founder and president of her high school’s first and only non-competitive singing organization, Unified Singing Club. She is an ambassador for Best Buddies and is extremely passionate about inclusion, and she kindly asks you to not “dis her abilities." Expect to see her try out for The Voice in the future and live out her wildest dream. In my opinion, the sky's the limit for her.

Her warmth and her voice struck a chord with me and gave me hope for the future. She gave me faith in humanity that even in tough times, there are always outlets to stay positive and spread love. Follow Anelise on social media to get your daily dose of happiness.

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