A woman's hatred for an ex should never be underestimated by anyone ever again. Especially after this crazy story! A British woman said she wishes she could take back her donated kidney from her allegedly unfaithful husband. Samantha Lamb and Andy Lamb were married in 2007 and she then gave him a kidney a few years later when he became ill and needed a transplant according to Breibart.Com. Lamb said the marriage broke apart a few years later when she suspected he was having an affair with her friend and the other woman admitted to the infidelity.


However, Mr. Lamb insists he was never unfaithful to Samantha. He says "I did walk out on Samantha after she'd donated her kidney, but I wasn't unfaithful," he said. "I never wanted her to donate her kidney because it was a big risk. She insisted and I'll always owe her my life. "I loved her but our relationship wasn't working. Her family never liked me," he said. "Despite what Samantha believes, I've never been with her friend. I just helped train her dog." Oh yeah guy, we've heard that line before!