Are we ready for a new boy band to step onto the music scene and make the teenage girls swoon? They have arrived and their name is New Hope Club.

I had the privilege to have this somewhat new boy band/trio join me in the studio to chat and to play their new song.

I didn't just want to chat with the boys, I wanted to test their taste buds, so will some help from my friends at Dairy Maid in New Bedford we had a little fun with the boys. Before you listen to the song, check out our chat and fun taste-testing:

We had some fun. I'm still in shock about how well they did with our taste-testing. I also brought them into the She Shed to where I was surprised that they had such a strong opinion about our football.

Now, if you haven't heard the song, take a listen:

So what do you think of the song? The guys actually have an acoustic version of the song that showcases their voices and talent really well. They definitely have a different vibe to them than any other boy group/band we have seen before. Do they have the song that will help them break through?

Is their first American single a wicked good, or are you thinking totally whack?

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