The goal of the She Shed is to talk about things that women want to talk about. This week I decided to pull in some dudes to talk about dating apps and websites. These aren't just any dudes. They are three guys from England that have an accent that a lot of ladies fawn over.

The members of the boy band New Hope Club are all off the market so they have clearly mastered the dating world, even being in the public eye. Do they know about the apps and websites those of us have to use to hopefully meet some quality people?

We got a little off track with our conversation and talked sports. Yes, they justify why we here in America should start calling our football by a different name and start calling our soccer "football," as they do. What they say makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Before I go on any more, take a listen to this week's She Shed with the boys:

I was actually surprised that they have Tinder in England.

Don't the boys make a solid case for renaming our sports? It does make sense and maybe I'm the last to actually realize Americans have it completely backward.

What do you think about the current state of dating? It's scary out there. Also, should we rename our sports? My opinion: let's not fix something that isn't broken. Let's not get too politically correct and ruin our amazing sport.

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